Part 1 – The Catch

Cajun cooking and Louisiana go hand-in-hand, and our way of life is no different. Our recipes, ingredients and service are about staying true to the place we’re from and the people we serve. See for yourself how the way we live makes Don's Seafood what it is–a true Cajun tradition.


Part 2 – Camp-to-Kitchen

Some of our best recipes come from weekends with family at our fishing camp, so why should our restaurant kitchens serve it up any other way? See how our eye for every little detail and a bit of creative flair comes together on the plate–at our table and yours.


Part 3 – HOME

What makes Don's Seafood special? Some say it's because of the welcoming atmosphere. Others say it's because of the flavorful food and friendly service. For us, Don's is more than a special place-it's home, and the people are what make it great.