Our Cajun Features

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To many, Cajun cuisine defines Louisiana cooking. French-Canadian settlers brought their mouthwatering dishes along when they relocated to what would become modern-day Louisiana in the 1700s, and this way of cooking influences some of our best dishes today. If you're in the mood for Cajun cooking with a unique twist, Don's Seafood serves up a variety of meals that are sure to satisfy your appetite.

What is Cajun Cooking?

What makes a dish Cajun? The traditional Cajun meal often includes a main dish, rice served with meats and seafood and fresh produce, but there are any number of factors that foodies could dispute in the evolution of this cuisine over time. However, there's one characteristic that's common to all Cajun dishes: the Holy Trinity.

Made of bell peppers, onion and celery, the Holy Trinity can be found in just about every Cajun dish you can imagine. You're also likely to encounter a variety of spice levels, from subtle warmth to intense heat, and preparation methods ranging from deep frying and boiling to smothering and stewing. These timeless influences come together to create the flavorful dishes New Orleans is known for today.

Our Take on Cajun

When you visit Don’s Seafood, you'll enjoy a mix of classic and contemporary Cajun flavors that's all our own. Our menu features a variety of Cajun-inspired selections crafted to please your palate, including:

  • Boudin Balls: Made with pork and rice and served with flavorful Lafayette sauce, this pre-dinner treat is a Louisiana favorite.

  • Fried or Blackened Alligator: Succulently deep fried or coated in savory seasonings, alligator appetizers are a great way to try something new.

  • Zydeco Shrimp: Deep fried to perfection, these shrimp are bathed in our one-of-a-kind pepper jelly sauce for the ideal way to start your meal.

  • Seafood Gumbo: We start with an Acadian dark roux, then add shrimp and crab to offer our guests the best of Cajun cuisine.

  • Crawfish Étouffée: The Holy Trinity, tomatoes and crawfish come together in a light roux for a mouthwatering combination of flavors that's impossible to resist.

  • Catfish Acadian: Don's blackened seasoning packs a flavor punch like no other. Here we use it to coat fresh-caught catfish that's battered and fried, then topped with our crawfish étouffée.

  • Cajun Ravioli: Rich fried cheese ravioli bathed in a Cajun cream sauce delivers a decadent meal that's perfect for a special treat.

  • Cajun Cowboy Ribeye: Meat lovers rejoice – this 20-oz. blackened, bone-in ribeye is sure to satisfy carnivores and fans of Cajun spice alike.  

Satisfy Your Cravings for Cajun at Don's Seafood

Don's Seafood opened to the public in 1934 with a simple goal: delicious seafood and refreshing drinks served in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. If you're craving authentic Cajun cuisine, stop by one of our locations in Covington, Denham Springs, Gonzales, Hammond and Metairie, or come to the place where it all begin in Lafayette, where you can enjoy our delectable menu and unrivaled atmosphere.