Only at Don's Seafood: Our Specialties

Baked Cajun Catfish

It's impossible to go wrong when you're dining at Don's Seafood. Our menu is loaded with the freshest seafood, classic Cajun flavors and distinctive twists that are sure to satisfy. But if you're in the mood for unique dishes inspired by our founder's family recipes, our specialties menu can't be missed. For an unbeatable dining experience, come in to your nearest Don's Seafood today and see what sets us apart from other seafood restaurants. 

Specialty Dishes

  • Don’s Seafood Platter: A Louisiana tradition made the Landry way, this platter includes succulent stuffed crab and stuffed shrimp, mouthwatering fried shrimp, oysters and catfish and a hearty portion of shrimp étouffée.

  • Seafood Combo: Why compromise when you can enjoy fried catfish, shrimp and oysters, plus decadent stuffed shrimp and delicious shrimp étouffée?

  • ½ Catfish and ½ Red Beans: There's nothing more Southern than red beans and rice, and at Don's Seafood you can enjoy this savory favorite with thin, crispy catfish strips and another timeless Southern staple: hush puppies.

  • The Fourchon: There's no better way to treat yourself to delicious Cajun flavors than The Fourchon. We start with battered speckled trout that's dipped in flour and fried to perfection. Topped with jumbo lump crab in a decadent cream sauce and served with mashed potatoes, it makes a mouthwatering meal you'll want to savor.   

  • Shrimp Dinner: Attention, shrimp lovers – we have the meal you've been waiting for. Try our shrimp fried, stuffed, broiled and au gratin style. Need more? You'll also enjoy Jacked Up shrimp, shrimp étouffée and a cup of shrimp gumbo for all the shrimp you can handle.

  • Crab Dinner: If crab is more your style, you'll love this combination of crab au gratin, Jacked Up lump crabmeat, crab spinach dip, fried stuffed crab and fried crab fingers served with a cup of crab gumbo.

  • Shrimp and Grits: This isn't your average shrimp and grits. We bathe grilled Gulf Shrimp in a creamy butter garlic sauce and serve them over sweet corn grits for a new twist on a Southern classic.

  • ½ Fried Shrimp and ½ Fried Catfish: There's nothing better than the crunch and flavor of fried seafood, and with generous portions of shrimp and catfish, there's no need to choose a favorite.

  • Fried Shrimp: Dig into Don's fried shrimp – they're irresistible when served with a heaping helping of crispy fries.  

  • Fried Catfish: Want catfish done right? Served up thinly sliced and fried golden and crispy, our pond-raised catfish is sure to hit the spot.

  • Boiled Shrimp: Lighter than our fried offerings but no less flavorful, this dish delivers piping-hot Gulf shrimp served alongside corn on the cob, potatoes and cocktail sauce for dipping. A great choice for gluten-free guests.

  • Crawfish Étouffée: Crawfish are tasty on their own, but when cooked up with the Holy Trinity (onions, bell peppers and celery), smothered in tomatoes and served in a light roux, you'll see why étouffée has long been a Cajun staple.

  • Catfish Acadian: With catfish rolled in Don's one-of-a-kind blackened seasoning, then battered, fried, doused in crawfish étouffée and served over rice, there's no denying the appeal of this dish.

  • Fried Oysters: What's better than plump oysters? Plump, juicy oysters coated in a light cream breading and fried crisp and golden with plenty of French fries on the side.

  • ½ Fried Shrimp and ½ Shrimp Étouffée: Get your fill of shrimp two ways with this popular Don's specialty.  

  • ½ Fried Crawfish Tails and ½ Crawfish Étouffée: Whether you're a longtime crawfish fan or sampling this Louisiana staple for the first time, you'll get the best of both worlds with our mix of crawfish tails and étouffée.  

  • Camp Chicken: It's hard to determine the best thing about Camp Chicken. Is it the crunchy fried tenders? The delicious camp sauce? Fortunately, there's no need to decide when you choose this specialty.

Sample Our Specialties Today

No matter which meal you choose during your next visit to Don's Seafood, you can count on fresh ingredients and plenty of flavor. Visit one of our six locations today to savor an old favorite or discover brand new tastes.